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Poco::XML::CharacterData Class Reference

#include <CharacterData.h>

Inheritance diagram for Poco::XML::CharacterData:

Poco::XML::AbstractNode Poco::XML::Node Poco::XML::EventTarget Poco::XML::DOMObject Poco::XML::Comment Poco::XML::Text Poco::XML::CDATASection

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Detailed Description

The CharacterData interface extends Node with a set of attributes and methods for accessing character data in the DOM. For clarity this set is defined here rather than on each object that uses these attributes and methods. No DOM objects correspond directly to CharacterData, though Text and others do inherit the interface from it. All offsets in this interface start from 0.

Text strings in the DOM are represented in either UTF-8 (if XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T is not defined) or in UTF-16 (if XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T is defined). Indexing on character data is done in XMLChar units.

Definition at line 52 of file CharacterData.h.

Public Types

enum  {

Public Member Functions

void addEventListener (const XMLString &type, EventListener *listener, bool useCapture)
NodeappendChild (Node *newChild)
void appendData (const XMLString &arg)
NamedNodeMapattributes () const
virtual void autoRelease ()
NodeListchildNodes () const
NodecloneNode (bool deep) const
const XMLString & data () const
void deleteData (unsigned long offset, unsigned long count)
 Insert a string at the specified character offset.
bool dispatchEvent (Event *evt)
void duplicate () const
NodefirstChild () const
const XMLString & getData () const
const XMLString & getNodeValue () const
bool hasAttributes () const
 Returns the local name of the node.
bool hasChildNodes () const
XMLString innerText () const
 Returns whether this node (if it is an element) has any attributes.
NodeinsertBefore (Node *newChild, Node *refChild)
void insertData (unsigned long offset, const XMLString &arg)
bool isSupported (const XMLString &feature, const XMLString &version) const
NodelastChild () const
unsigned long length () const
const XMLString & localName () const
 Returns the namespace prefix from the qualified name of the node.
const XMLString & namespaceURI () const
NodenextSibling () const
const XMLString & nodeName () const
virtual unsigned short nodeType () const =0
const XMLString & nodeValue () const
 Returns the name of this node, depending on its type.
void normalize ()
DocumentownerDocument () const
NodeparentNode () const
 Returns a code representing the type of the underlying object.
XMLString prefix () const
NodepreviousSibling () const
void release () const
 Increases the object's reference count.
NoderemoveChild (Node *oldChild)
void removeEventListener (const XMLString &type, EventListener *listener, bool useCapture)
NodereplaceChild (Node *newChild, Node *oldChild)
void replaceData (unsigned long offset, unsigned long count, const XMLString &arg)
 Remove a range of characters from the node.
void setData (const XMLString &data)
void setNodeValue (const XMLString &value)
 Returns the value of this node, depending on its type.
XMLString substringData (unsigned long offset, unsigned long count) const
XMLString trimmedData () const

Protected Member Functions

void bubbleEvent (Event *evt)
void captureEvent (Event *evt)
 CharacterData (Document *pOwnerDocument, const CharacterData &data)
 CharacterData (Document *pOwnerDocument, const XMLString &data)
virtual NodecopyNode (bool deep, Document *pOwnerDocument) const =0
void dispatchAttrModified (Attr *pAttr, MutationEvent::AttrChangeType changeType, const XMLString &prevValue, const XMLString &newValue)
void dispatchCharacterDataModified (const XMLString &prevValue, const XMLString &newValue)
void dispatchNodeInserted ()
virtual void dispatchNodeInsertedIntoDocument ()
void dispatchNodeRemoved ()
virtual void dispatchNodeRemovedFromDocument ()
void dispatchSubtreeModified ()
virtual bool events () const
virtual bool eventsSuspended () const
void setOwnerDocument (Document *pOwnerDocument)

Static Protected Attributes

static const XMLString EMPTY_STRING

Private Attributes

XMLString _data

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