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bool Poco::XML::NamespaceSupport::processName ( const XMLString &  qname,
XMLString &  namespaceURI,
XMLString &  localName,
bool  isAttribute 
) const

Revert to the previous Namespace context.

Normally, you should pop the context at the end of each XML element. After popping the context, all Namespace prefix mappings that were previously in force are restored.

You must not attempt to declare additional Namespace prefixes after popping a context, unless you push another context first.

Definition at line 183 of file NamespaceSupport.cpp.

References getURI(), and Poco::XML::Name::split().

      XMLString prefix;
      Name::split(qname, prefix, localName);
      if (prefix.empty() && isAttribute)
            return true;
            namespaceURI = getURI(prefix);
            return !namespaceURI.empty() || prefix.empty();

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