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Poco::XML::WhitespaceFilter Class Reference

#include <WhitespaceFilter.h>

Inheritance diagram for Poco::XML::WhitespaceFilter:

Poco::XML::XMLFilterImpl Poco::XML::LexicalHandler Poco::XML::XMLFilter Poco::XML::EntityResolver Poco::XML::DTDHandler Poco::XML::ContentHandler Poco::XML::ErrorHandler Poco::XML::XMLReader

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Detailed Description

This implementation of the SAX2 XMLFilter interface filters all whitespace-only character data element content.

Definition at line 52 of file WhitespaceFilter.h.

Public Member Functions

void characters (const XMLChar ch[], int start, int length)
void comment (const XMLChar ch[], int start, int length)
 Report the end of a CDATA section.
void endCDATA ()
void endDocument ()
void endDTD ()
void endElement (const XMLString &uri, const XMLString &localName, const XMLString &qname)
void endEntity (const XMLString &name)
void endPrefixMapping (const XMLString &prefix)
void error (const SAXException &e)
void fatalError (const SAXException &e)
ContentHandlergetContentHandler () const
DTDHandlergetDTDHandler () const
EntityResolvergetEntityResolver () const
ErrorHandlergetErrorHandler () const
bool getFeature (const XMLString &featureId) const
XMLReadergetParent () const
 Destroys the XMLFilterImpl.
void * getProperty (const XMLString &propertyId) const
void ignorableWhitespace (const XMLChar ch[], int start, int length)
void notationDecl (const XMLString &name, const XMLString *publicId, const XMLString *systemId)
void parse (const XMLString &systemId)
void parse (InputSource *pSource)
void processingInstruction (const XMLString &target, const XMLString &data)
void releaseInputSource (InputSource *pSource)
InputSourceresolveEntity (const XMLString *publicId, const XMLString &systemId)
void setContentHandler (ContentHandler *pContentHandler)
 Return the current DTD handler.
void setDocumentLocator (const Locator *loc)
void setDTDHandler (DTDHandler *pDTDHandler)
 Return the current entity resolver.
void setEntityResolver (EntityResolver *pResolver)
void setErrorHandler (ErrorHandler *pErrorHandler)
 Return the current content handler.
void setFeature (const XMLString &featureId, bool state)
 Return the current error handler.
void setParent (XMLReader *pParent)
void setProperty (const XMLString &propertyId, void *value)
void setProperty (const XMLString &propertyId, const XMLString &value)
 Destroys the WhitespaceFilter.
void skippedEntity (const XMLString &prefix)
void startCDATA ()
 Report the end of an entity.
void startDocument ()
void startDTD (const XMLString &name, const XMLString &publicId, const XMLString &systemId)
void startElement (const XMLString &uri, const XMLString &localName, const XMLString &qname, const Attributes &attrList)
void startEntity (const XMLString &name)
void startPrefixMapping (const XMLString &prefix, const XMLString &uri)
void unparsedEntityDecl (const XMLString &name, const XMLString *publicId, const XMLString &systemId, const XMLString &notationName)
void warning (const SAXException &e)
 WhitespaceFilter (XMLReader *pReader)
 Creates the WhitespaceFilter, with no parent.
 ~WhitespaceFilter ()
 Creates the WhitespaceFilter with the specified parent.

Static Public Attributes

static const XMLString FEATURE_EXTERNAL_GENERAL_ENTITIES = toXMLString("http://xml.org/sax/features/external-general-entities")
static const XMLString FEATURE_EXTERNAL_PARAMETER_ENTITIES = toXMLString("http://xml.org/sax/features/external-parameter-entities")
static const XMLString FEATURE_NAMESPACE_PREFIXES = toXMLString("http://xml.org/sax/features/namespace-prefixes")
static const XMLString FEATURE_NAMESPACES = toXMLString("http://xml.org/sax/features/namespaces")
static const XMLString FEATURE_STRING_INTERNING = toXMLString("http://xml.org/sax/features/string-interning")
static const XMLString FEATURE_VALIDATION = toXMLString("http://xml.org/sax/features/validation")
static const XMLString PROPERTY_DECLARATION_HANDLER = toXMLString("http://xml.org/sax/properties/declaration-handler")
static const XMLString PROPERTY_LEXICAL_HANDLER = toXMLString("http://xml.org/sax/properties/lexical-handler")

Protected Member Functions

XMLReaderparent () const
void setupParse ()

Private Attributes

XMLString _data
bool _filter

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