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Poco::Data::Statement Class Reference

#include <Statement.h>

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Detailed Description

A Statement is used to execute SQL statements. It does not contain code of its own. Its main purpose is to forward calls to the concrete StatementImpl stored inside.

Definition at line 59 of file Statement.h.

Public Types

typedef void(* Manipulator )(Statement &)

Public Member Functions

bool done ()
Poco::UInt32 execute ()
 Creates a string from the accumulated SQL statement.
Statementoperator, (const Range &extrRange)
Statementoperator, (const Limit &extrLimit)
 Registers objects used for extracting data at the Statement.
Statementoperator, (AbstractExtraction *extract)
 Registers the Binding at the Statement.
Statementoperator, (AbstractBinding *info)
 Handles manipulators, such as now.
Statementoperator, (Manipulator manip)
template<typename T>
Statementoperator<< (const T &t)
 Swaps the statement with another one.
Statementoperator= (const Statement &stmt)
 Copy constructor.
Statementreset (Session &session)
 Statement (const Statement &stmt)
 Destroys the Statement.
 Statement (Session &session)
 Creates the Statement.
 Statement (StatementImpl *pImpl)
void swap (Statement &other)
 Assignment operator.
std::string toString () const
 ~Statement ()

Protected Member Functions

const AbstractExtractionVec & extractions () const
 Resets the Statement so that it can be filled with a new SQL command.
const MetaColumnmetaColumn (const std::string &name) const
 Returns the type for the column at specified position.
const MetaColumnmetaColumn (std::size_t pos) const
 Returns the extractions vector.

Private Types

typedef Poco::SharedPtr
< StatementImpl
 Returns the type for the column with specified name.

Private Attributes

bool _executed
StatementImplPtr _ptr

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