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Poco::FastMutex Class Reference

#include <Mutex.h>

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Detailed Description

A FastMutex (mutual exclusion) is similar to a Mutex. Unlike a Mutex, however, a FastMutex is not recursive, which means that a deadlock will occur if the same thread tries to lock a mutex it has already locked again. Locking a FastMutex is faster than locking a recursive Mutex. Using the ScopedLock class is the preferred way to automatically lock and unlock a mutex.

Definition at line 114 of file Mutex.h.

Public Types

typedef Poco::ScopedLock
< FastMutex

Public Member Functions

void lock (long milliseconds)
void lock ()
 destroys the Mutex.
bool tryLock (long milliseconds)
bool tryLock ()
void unlock ()
 ~FastMutex ()
 creates the Mutex.

Private Member Functions

 FastMutex (const FastMutex &)
void lockImpl ()
void lockImpl ()
FastMutexoperator= (const FastMutex &)
bool tryLockImpl (long milliseconds)
bool tryLockImpl ()
bool tryLockImpl (long milliseconds)
bool tryLockImpl ()
void unlockImpl ()
void unlockImpl ()

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