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Poco::Data::Test::SessionImpl Class Reference

#include <SessionImpl.h>

Inheritance diagram for Poco::Data::Test::SessionImpl:

Poco::Data::AbstractSessionImpl< C > Poco::Data::SessionImpl Poco::RefCountedObject

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Detailed Description

A no-op implementation of SessionImpl for testing.

Definition at line 49 of file SessionImpl.h.

Public Types

typedef bool(C::* FeatureGetter )(const std::string &)
 The setter method for a feature.
typedef void(C::* FeatureSetter )(const std::string &, bool)
typedef Poco::Any(C::* PropertyGetter )(const std::string &)
 The setter method for a property.
typedef void(C::* PropertySetter )(const std::string &, const Poco::Any &)
 The getter method for a feature.

Public Member Functions

void begin ()
 Returns an test StatementImpl.
void close ()
 Aborts a transaction.
void commit ()
 Starts a transaction.
Poco::Data::StatementImplcreateStatementImpl ()
 Destroys the SessionImpl.
void duplicate () const
bool getConnected (const std::string &name)
bool getF (const std::string &name)
bool getFeature (const std::string &name)
Poco::Any getP (const std::string &name)
Poco::Any getProperty (const std::string &name)
bool isConnected ()
 Closes the connection.
bool isTransaction ()
 Closes the session.
int referenceCount () const
void release () const
 Increments the object's reference count.
void rollback ()
 Commits and ends a transaction.
 SessionImpl (const std::string &init)
void setConnected (const std::string &name, bool value)
void setF (const std::string &name, bool value)
void setFeature (const std::string &name, bool state)
void setP (const std::string &name, const Poco::Any &value)
void setProperty (const std::string &name, const Poco::Any &value)
 ~SessionImpl ()
 Creates the SessionImpl. Opens a connection to the database.

Protected Member Functions

void addFeature (const std::string &name, FeatureSetter setter, FeatureGetter getter)
void addProperty (const std::string &name, PropertySetter setter, PropertyGetter getter)

Private Attributes

bool _connected
bool _f
std::string _init
Poco::Any _p

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