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Poco::Data::BLOB Class Reference

#include <BLOB.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::vector< char >

Public Member Functions

void appendRaw (const char *pChar, std::size_t count)
 Assigns raw content to internal storage.
void assignRaw (const char *pChar, std::size_t count)
Iterator begin () const
 Trims the internal storage excess capacity.
 BLOB (const std::vector< char > &content)
 Creates an empty BLOB.
 BLOB (const std::string &content)
 Creates the BLOB by deep-copying pContent.
 BLOB (const BLOB &other)
 Creates a BLOB from a string.
 BLOB (const char *const pContent, std::size_t size)
 Creates the BLOB, content is deep-copied.
void clear (bool doCompact=false)
 Assigns raw content to internal storage.
void compact ()
const std::vector< char > & content () const
 Swaps the BLOB with another one.
Iterator end () const
bool operator!= (const BLOB &other) const
 Compares for equality BLOB by value.
BLOBoperator= (const BLOB &other)
 Destroys the BLOB.
bool operator== (const BLOB &other) const
 Assignment operator.
const char * rawContent () const
 Returns the content.
std::size_t size () const
void swap (BLOB &other)
 Compares for inequality BLOB by value.
 ~BLOB ()
 Creates a BLOB by copying another one.

Private Attributes

Poco::SharedPtr< std::vector
< char > > 
 Returns the size of the BLOB in bytes.


class BLOBStreamBuf

Detailed Description

Representation of a Binary Large OBject.

A BLOB can hold arbitrary binary data. The maximum size depends on the underlying database.

The BLOBInputStream and BLOBOutputStream classes provide a convenient way to access the data in a BLOB.

Definition at line 54 of file BLOB.h.

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