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Poco::Data::Test::StatementImpl Class Reference

A no-op implementation of StatementImpl for testing. More...

#include <StatementImpl.h>

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Public Types

enum  State {

Public Member Functions

template<typename T >
void add (const T &t)
 Destroys the StatementImpl.
void addBinding (AbstractBinding *info)
void addExtract (AbstractExtraction *info)
 Registers the Binding at the StatementImpl.
void duplicate () const
Poco::UInt32 execute ()
 Create a string version of the SQL statement.
State getState () const
 Resets the statement, so that we can reuse all bindings and re-execute again.
int referenceCount () const
void release () const
 Increments the object's reference count.
void reset ()
 Executes a statement. Returns the number of rows extracted.
void setExtractionLimit (const Limit &extrLimit)
 Registers objects used for extracting data at the StatementImpl.
std::string toString () const
 Changes the extractionLimit to extrLimit. Per default no limit (EXTRACT_UNLIMITED) is set.
 ~StatementImpl ()
 Creates the StatementImpl.

Protected Member Functions

AbstractBinderbinder ()
 Returns the concrete extractor used by the statement.
void bindImpl ()
 Compiles the statement, doesn't bind yet.
const AbstractBindingVec & bindings () const
 Returns the number of columns that the extractors handle.
AbstractBindingVec & bindings ()
 Returns the bindings.
bool canBind () const
int columnsExtracted () const
 Returns the concrete binder used by the statement.
virtual Poco::UInt32 columnsReturned () const =0
 Returns the state of the Statement.
void compileImpl ()
 Returns true if a valid statement is set and we can bind.
const AbstractExtractionVec & extractions () const
 Returns the concrete extractor used by the statement.
AbstractExtractionVec & extractions ()
 Returns the bindings.
AbstractExtractorextractor ()
 Binds parameters.
bool hasNext ()
 Destroys the StatementImpl.
void makeExtractors (Poco::UInt32 count)
 Returns the extractions vector.
virtual const MetaColumnmetaColumn (Poco::UInt32 pos) const =0
 Returns number of columns returned by query.
const MetaColumnmetaColumn (const std::string &name) const
 Returns column meta data.
void next ()
 Returns true if a call to next() will return data.

Private Attributes

Poco::SharedPtr< Binder_ptrBinder
 Returns the concrete binder used by the statement.
Poco::SharedPtr< Extractor_ptrExtractor
Poco::SharedPtr< Preparation_ptrPrepare

Detailed Description

A no-op implementation of StatementImpl for testing.

Definition at line 55 of file StatementImpl.h.

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