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Poco::HashTable< Key, Value, KeyHashFunction > Class Template Reference

#include <HashTable.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::map< Key, Value > HashEntryMap
typedef HashEntryMap ** HashTableVector
typedef HashEntryMap::iterator Iterator

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
HashStatistic currentState (bool details=false) const
 Returns the current internal state.
bool exists (const Key &key)
bool existsRaw (const Key &key, UInt32 hsh)
bool get (const Key &key, Value &v) const
 Sets v to the found value, returns false if no value was found.
const Value & get (const Key &key) const
 Throws an exception if the value does not exist.
Value & get (const Key &key)
 Throws an exception if the value does not exist.
const Key & getKeyRaw (const Key &key, UInt32 hsh)
bool getRaw (const Key &key, UInt32 hsh, Value &v) const
 Sets v to the found value, returns false if no value was found.
const Value & getRaw (const Key &key, UInt32 hsh) const
 Throws an exception if the value does not exist.
UInt32 hash (const Key &key) const
 HashTable (UInt32 initialSize=251)
 HashTable (const HashTable &ht)
UInt32 insert (const Key &key, const Value &value)
Value & insertRaw (const Key &key, UInt32 hsh, const Value &value)
UInt32 maxCapacity () const
HashTableoperator= (const HashTable &ht)
const Value & operator[] (const Key &key) const
Value & operator[] (const Key &key)
void remove (const Key &key)
void removeRaw (const Key &key, UInt32 hsh)
 Performance version, allows to specify the hash value.
void resize (UInt32 newSize)
 Resizes the hashtable, rehashes all existing entries. Expensive!
std::size_t size () const
 Returns the number of elements already inserted into the HashTable.
UInt32 update (const Key &key, const Value &value)
void updateRaw (const Key &key, UInt32 hsh, const Value &value)
 ~HashTable ()
 Destroys the HashTable.

Private Attributes

HashTableVector _entries
KeyHashFunction _hash
UInt32 _maxCapacity
std::size_t _size

Detailed Description

template<class Key, class Value, class KeyHashFunction = HashFunction<Key>>
class Poco::HashTable< Key, Value, KeyHashFunction >

A HashTable stores a key value pair that can be looked up via a hashed key.

Collision handling is done via overflow maps(!). With small hash tables performance of this data struct will be closer to that a map than a hash table, i.e. slower. On the plus side, this class offers remove operations. Also HashTable full errors are not possible. If a fast HashTable implementation is needed and the remove operation is not required, use SimpleHashTable instead.

This class is NOT thread safe.

Definition at line 58 of file HashTable.h.

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