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Poco::NObserver< C, N > Class Template Reference

#include <NObserver.h>

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Public Types

typedef void(C::* Callback )(const NotificationPtr &)
typedef AutoPtr< N > NotificationPtr

Public Member Functions

bool accepts (Notification *pNf) const
AbstractObserverclone () const
bool equals (const AbstractObserver &abstractObserver) const
 NObserver (const NObserver &observer)
 NObserver (C &object, Callback method)
void notify (Notification *pNf) const
NObserveroperator= (const NObserver &observer)

Private Attributes

Callback _method
C * _pObject

Detailed Description

template<class C, class N>
class Poco::NObserver< C, N >

This template class implements an adapter that sits between a NotificationCenter and an object receiving notifications from it. It is quite similar in concept to the RunnableAdapter, but provides some NotificationCenter specific additional methods. See the NotificationCenter class for information on how to use this template class.

This class template is quite similar to the Observer class template. The only difference is that the NObserver expects the callback function to accept a const AutoPtr& instead of a plain pointer as argument, thus simplifying memory management.

Definition at line 51 of file NObserver.h.

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