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Poco::StreamTokenizer Class Reference

#include <StreamTokenizer.h>

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struct  TokenInfo

Public Member Functions

void addToken (Token *pToken)
 Attaches the tokenizer to an input stream.
void addToken (Token *pToken, bool ignore)
void attachToStream (std::istream &istr)
const Tokennext ()
 StreamTokenizer (std::istream &istr)
 Creates a StreamTokenizer with no attached stream.
virtual ~StreamTokenizer ()
 Creates a StreamTokenizer with no attached stream.

Private Types

typedef std::vector< TokenInfoTokenVec

Private Attributes

EOFToken _eofToken
InvalidToken _invalidToken
std::istream * _pIstr
TokenVec _tokens

Detailed Description

A stream tokenizer splits an input stream into a sequence of tokens of different kinds. Various token kinds can be registered with the tokenizer.

Definition at line 52 of file StreamTokenizer.h.

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