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CppUnit::CppUnitException Class Reference

#include <CppUnitException.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CppUnitException (const std::string &message="", long lineNumber=CPPUNIT_UNKNOWNLINENUMBER, const std::string &fileName=CPPUNIT_UNKNOWNFILENAME)
 CppUnitException (const std::string &message, long lineNumber, long data1lineNumber, const std::string &fileName)
 CppUnitException (const std::string &message, long lineNumber, long data1lineNumber, long data2lineNumber, const std::string &fileName)
 CppUnitException (const CppUnitException &other)
long data1LineNumber () const
long data2LineNumber () const
const std::string & fileName () const
long lineNumber () const
CppUnitExceptionoperator= (const CppUnitException &other)
const char * what () const throw ()

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string CPPUNIT_UNKNOWNFILENAME = "<unknown>"

Private Attributes

long _data1lineNumber
long _data2lineNumber
std::string _fileName
long _lineNumber
std::string _message

Detailed Description

CppUnitException is an exception that serves descriptive strings through its what() method

Definition at line 20 of file CppUnitException.h.

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