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Poco::AbstractPriorityDelegate< TArgs > Class Template Reference

#include <AbstractPriorityDelegate.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AbstractPriorityDelegate (void *pTarget, int prio)
 AbstractPriorityDelegate (const AbstractPriorityDelegate &del)
virtual AbstractPriorityDelegateclone () const =0
 Returns false, if the Delegate is no longer valid, thus indicating an expire.
virtual bool notify (const void *sender, TArgs &arguments)=0
bool operator< (const AbstractPriorityDelegate< TArgs > &other) const
 Operator used for comparing AbstractPriorityDelegates in a collection.
int priority () const
void * target () const

Protected Attributes

int _priority
void * _pTarget

Detailed Description

template<class TArgs>
class Poco::AbstractPriorityDelegate< TArgs >

Interface for PriorityDelegate and PriorityExpire. Very similar to AbstractDelegate but having two separate files (no inheritance) allows to have compile-time checks when registering an observer instead of run-time checks.

Definition at line 50 of file AbstractPriorityDelegate.h.

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