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Poco::AbstractStrategy< TKey, TValue > Class Template Reference

An AbstractStrategy is the interface for all strategies. More...

#include <AbstractStrategy.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void onAdd (const void *pSender, const KeyValueArgs< TKey, TValue > &key)=0
virtual void onClear (const void *pSender, const EventArgs &args)=0
 Informs the strategy that a read-access happens to an element.
virtual void onGet (const void *pSender, const TKey &key)=0
virtual void onIsValid (const void *pSender, ValidArgs< TKey > &key)=0
 Removes all elements from the cache.
virtual void onRemove (const void *pSender, const TKey &key)=0
virtual void onReplace (const void *pSender, std::set< TKey > &elemsToRemove)=0
 Used to query if a key is still valid (i.e. cached).

Detailed Description

template<class TKey, class TValue>
class Poco::AbstractStrategy< TKey, TValue >

An AbstractStrategy is the interface for all strategies.

Definition at line 53 of file AbstractStrategy.h.

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