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template<class TKey , class TValue >
void Poco::UniqueAccessExpireStrategy< TKey, TValue >::onGet ( const void *  pSender,
const TKey &  key 
) [inline, virtual]

Removes an entry from the strategy. If the entry is not found the remove is ignored.

Implements Poco::AbstractStrategy< TKey, TValue >.

Definition at line 116 of file UniqueAccessExpireStrategy.h.

References Poco::UniqueAccessExpireStrategy< TKey, TValue >::_keyIndex.

            // get updates the expiration time stamp
            Iterator it = _keys.find(key);
            if (it != _keys.end())
                  KeyExpire ke = it->second->second;
                  // gen new absolute expire value
                  Timestamp expire;
                  expire += ke.second.totalMicroseconds();
                  // delete old index
                  IndexIterator itt = _keyIndex.insert(std::make_pair(expire, ke));
                  // update iterator
                  it->second = itt;

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